It’s me. Hey!

I’m pleased as peanut to present the vital details for the Keneally-Bendian-Lunn May 2014 Tour. Dates and all info are below.

We shall build boldly upon lessons learned and visions glimpsed. We will leave no stone unturned in providing you good people with a stupidly memorable musical experience.

I’m dag excited to have the opportunity to explore with Gregg and Doug over a series of gigs lasting a couple of weeks. I know things are going to get nuts out there, in a good way.

As always, our ability to do tours such as these in the future rests squarely on the success of tours such as these in the present… if you were inclined to spread the word about these tour dates, our arrows of gratitude will fly in your name.

We shall speak more of things soon!

Many o’thank ye,

Keneally-Bendian-Lunn May 2014 U.S. Tour

Thursday, May 15
Douglas Corner

2106 8th Ave S.
Nashville, TN 37204
$15 tix
Doors 8pm

Friday, May 16
The Demo
4144 Manchester Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63110
$20 tix
Doors 8pm

Saturday, May 17
Reggie’s (Music Joint)
2105 S. State St.
Chicago, IL 60616
$20 tix
Doors 8pm

Sunday, May 18
Guitar Works
996 South Indiana 135
Greenwood, IN 46134
$15 tix
Doors 6:20pm

Tuesday, May 20
Rumba Café
2507 Summit St.
Columbus, OH 43202
$20 tix
Doors 7:30pm

Thursday, May 22
Orion Studios
2903 Whittington Ave #C
Baltimore, MD 21230
$25 tix
Doors 8pm

Friday, May 23
1100 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107
$20 tix
Doors 8:30pm

Saturday, May 24
The Cutting Room
44 East 32nd Street
(between Park Ave and Madison Ave)
New York, NY 10016
$15 tix advance, $20 at the door
Doors: 6pm

Sunday, May 25
KJ Farrell’s
242 Pettit Ave.
Bellmore, NY 11710
$20 tix
Doors 6:30pm

Monday, May 26
NJ Proghouse
Roxy & Dukes
745 Bound Brook Rd.
Dunellen, NJ 08812
$27 advance tix, $35 at the door
Doors 6pm

Tuesday, May 27
The Middle East (upstairs)
472-480 Massachusetts Ave.
Central Square
Cambridge, MA 02139
$15 tix
Doors 8pm

Wednesday, May 28
Bearsville Theater
291 Tinker Street (Route 212)
Woodstock, NY 12498
$20 tix
Doors 7pm

Friday, May 30
The Empty Glass
410 Elizabeth St.
Charleston, WV 25311
$15 tix
Doors 9pm

Sunday, May 31
Arts on Main Pavilion
201 E Main St.
Scottsville, KY 42164
7pm showtime

Keneally-Bendian-Lunn US Tour in May!

Hi pals!

Having done two "research mission" performances in San Diego and Los Angeles last month, the trio of Keneally-Bendian-Lunn will now apply the lessons learnt to a slate of performances in May 2014. A scant few weeks from now. We’ll begin in Nashville (5/15), then move on to St. Louis, Chicago, Greenwood, Columbus, Baltimore, NYC, Long Island, Philly, Dunellen, Cambridge, Charleston, and wind up at a festival in Scottsville, KY (5/31).

I think we as a trio really began to gel as a unit during the second set at the Baked Potato recently – things got severely powerful and I am excited to continue along that line with Gregg and Doug, two of the more forward-thinking and adventurous musicians I’ve ever encountered.

Also, it’s great fun to return to the world of the trio, which was my preferred mode of performance when I started doing shows under my own name in the early ’90s and throughout most of that decade. I’ve loved being able to do more orchestrated things with larger ensembles in the years since then, and will continue to do so in the future no doubt, but have to admit that there’s something about a trio which is incredibly liberating and special to me.

More tour details coming soon, and see you on the road I hope!

GREAT NEWS, EUROPEAN FANS! KENEALLY PRODUCTS NOW SOLD FROM THE U.K.! has long been a deeply respected online portal for the works of King Crimson, Steven Wilson and many other progressive acts, so we at Exowax were delighted to learn that they were interested in carrying some of my work (Andy Partridge was kind enough to pass along word to us of their interest). The upshot of this is the brand new Mike Keneally Store at Burning Shed. At present they are carrying three of the newer releases. This is great news for us as it’s an honor to be on such a highly-regarded site, and also great news for any Europe-based Keneally fans who have fallen foul of the increasingly punitive postage rates required to get product mailed from the US. I’m delighted to be a part of the Burning Shed family now.


I’ve recently had the pleasure of taking part in a number of music/comedy performances with Brendon Small at The Improv in LA – always unpredictable and truly fun.

Now we’re bringing the craziness to my second home, the stage of the Baked Potato.

Performing music along with me and Brendon will be Joe Travers and Pete Griffin.

And performing comedy along with Brendon will be Steve Agee, Marc Maron, Emo Phillips and Dana Gould – an extremely glittering assemblage!

Tickets are available online here.

Best to David Letterman on his retirement! Boy, he was an important figure to me in the ’80s and I’m delighted that he gets to chill now. Bravo Dave.

Hope you’re all good! Talk to you again soon.


Keneally Bendian Lunn Rehearse for San Diego & L.A. Shows

Mike Keneally, Gregg Bendian and Doug Lunn begin rehearsing for a series of shows in 2014. Here, they launch into Led Zeppelin’s “Out on the Tiles.”

Friday, March 14, 2014
(located inside San Diego Jet Ski Rentals)
4275 Mission Bay Drive
San Diego (Pacific Beach), CA 92109
Doors open at 7:00 p.m.
Show: 8:00 p.m.
All ages welcome!
Tickets $20
Info: 858-270-7467

Saturday, March 22, 2014
The Baked Potato
3787 Cahuenga Blvd. West
Studio City, CA 91604
Doors open at 7:00 p.m.
Shows: 9:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.
21 and over only
Tickets $25
Info: 818-980-1615

Six Seconds of Sluggo!


Hello fellows and ladypeople! It is I! Mike.

In our general exultation about the Sluggo! special edition, and our fascination with all microcosmic aspects of music, we’ve come up with a means of celebrating some of the tiny but juicy fragments to be found on the album. We have our own favorite small moments on the album, and we’d love to see and hear yours.

Using the free Vine app, we invite you to shoot a video using your favorite six seconds of Sluggo! as your background music (singing or playing along is great also).

Upload the video to Vine and share it to Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #sixsecondsofsluggo.

I’ll be keeping an eye on all posts with this hashtag, and I’ll be retweeting or reposting the ones I really get a kick out of. The ones I super-dig will be “favorited” on Twitter.

A few “rules”:

1. I don’t need to say this, but please no appalling, threatening, racist, sexist, hateful or otherwise offputting-to-the-majority-of-humans entries. Thank you.

2. If you don’t use the hashtag #sixsecondsofsluggo, we have no way of finding your video, so please use the hashtag!

3. Please submit as many videos as you like.

4. I may retweet/repost as many videos as I like.

5. No one, human or animal, shall be harmed in the making of your films. Use of magic or science to turn living dogs into cardboard dogs or vice versa is strictly prohibited.

We’ve taken the liberty of shooting a few examples…head over to Twitter now, search for the hashtag #sixsecondsofsluggo and have a look! This will be fun, right?


This month I’ll be doing a couple of trio shows in Southern California with my old pal, the brilliant Doug Lunn, on bass, and my newer pal, and also brilliant, drummer/percussionist Gregg Bendian. We’ll do a selection of material from my career, some not heard in quite a while or barely at all, plus some new music of mine, some tunes by Doug and Gregg and a few covers as well. We did a gig in NYC a couple of years ago which tantalized me with the possibilities of this lineup, and I’m excited to explore it further. We are in the “feasibility studies” phase of putting together more dates for this band, in other parts of the US, a bit later in the year – updates when they are timely! In the meantime, those of you who can make it to these two California gigs are in for something unique – hope you can make it out:

Friday, March 14, 2014
(located inside San Diego Jet Ski Rentals)
4275 Mission Bay Drive
San Diego (Pacific Beach), CA 92109
Doors open at 7:00 p.m.
Show: 8:00 p.m.
All ages welcome!
Tickets $20
Info: 858-270-7467

Saturday, March 22, 2014
The Baked Potato
3787 Cahuenga Blvd. West
Studio City, CA 91604
Doors open at 7:00 p.m.
Shows: 9:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.
21 and over only
Tickets $25
Info: 818-980-1615


My main thing at the moment is working on Scambot 2. Our good pal Blair, who’s been hanging out here at Chatfield Manor over the past several weeks while I’ve been working on all kinds of different stuff for the album, and hearing the songs as they gradually develop from nothingness to somethingness. He was inspired to interview me about the music in progress, and Scott shot this video whilst we spoke and listened, so take a look…we’ll be doing more of these “album-in-progress” videos as Scambot 2 continues lurching to life.


You might want to check out the March 2014 edition of Guitar Player magazine, which features a six-page article/interview with me, written by the always intelligent, incisive and thoughtful Anil Prasad. I’m very happy about it, it’s a great piece.

And do you know about The G4 Experience yet?

More later!


Listen to “Sluggomatic,” A Brief Tour of Mike Keneally’s Sluggo!

Order Sluggo! today at The Mike Keneally Store.

You’ll get the stereo download NOW, and your multi-disc Sluggo! package will ship right away.

The G4 Experience

The G4 Experience

Good kind readers of! Hear ye!

In August, I (along with some fairly amazing gentlemen by the names of Satriani, Gilbert and Timmons) will take over the beautiful Cambria Pines Lodge in Cambria, CA for “4 days and nights of pure guitar pleasure,” which sounds like a great time to me. It’s the G4 Experience, and I am keenly anticipating this event and very happy to have been invited to participate. I’m looking forward to having an opportunity to explore music deeply and offer insights into my relationship with the guitar at length. Joe, Paul and Andy are obviously all monster players and this will be a great opportunity to spend quality time with all four of us, discussing and playing music in a gorgeous setting. It’ll be a very memorable experience for all participants! Please visit the G4 website for the details.


This Saturday – at the Improv LA with Brendon Small

Click right HERE for info about a show happening THIS SATURDAY February 8 at The Improv in LA with Brendon Small, me, Joe Travers, Pete Griffin and a solid phalanx of comedy genii for a night of music and laffs like such you have never experienced in this plane of existence. And enter the code word METALOCALYPSE on the order page for half-price tickets. Are you kidding?! In this day and age of $8 bottled water, an entertainment value like this is WHAT? Priceless. That’s right.

- Mike

New Year’s News from Mike

Hey your eyes are pointed at words I wrote!

I hope you’re having a splendid 2014. So far this year I’ve been mostly sequestered away working on Scambot 2, although I did guest with Joe Travers and Friends at the Potato one night, which was beyond beyond, and I had a scintillating detour to The Iridium in NYC for a couple of nights with the Ed Palermo Big Band and Napoleon Murphy Brock – intensely fun and severely musical.

And did I mention how much I loved playing those four shows with Bryan, Joe and Rick in December? I adore those goofballs, the shows were great and I want to thank everyone who came to see us. It was necessary for me to get out and play some songs from You Must Be This Tall live for the first time, and it was also great to bust out tunes from the recently reissued Sluggo!.

Speaking of which: the response to the Sluggo! reissue has been crazy. I definitely felt we were taking a risk remixing one of my albums for the first time – the “messing with peoples’ memories” angle is definitely something that has to be considered. And I’ve heard too many remixes of albums where it was considered some form of victory for it merely to not sound way worse than the original. We were shooting for way more with Sluggo! We worked for a long time on the stereo and surround remixes (as long as it’s taken me to make some albums from scratch) and we took the process very seriously. After it was done I was utterly convinced that we had improved the sound of the record hugely, and with all the supplementary audio and video material we gathered for the new edition I was certain that we’d created a really nice package – now we had to see what everyone else thought of it all.

So it’s been gratifying that every bit of feedback we’ve gotten, and every comment we’ve seen online, supports our belief that the remix is a genuine improvement. I seriously haven’t seen a single negative comment, which is stunning. The response to the surround mix has also justified the time and hard work spent on it, and people are enjoying the vast quantity of archival video and bonus audio contained in the deluxe package. I couldn’t be more happy about it all.

Here’s a couple of responses which give the flavor – a review from “Jeff” on the newsgroup– a brief excerpt:

“I thought Wing Beat Fantastic and You Must Be This Tall were new milestones for MK as far as mix quality and clarity, but the new mix of Sluggo! might just surpass them. Clearly a huge amount of work into this remix, and it shows. Rediscovering an old friend in this very new light is a special treat.”

And this review on the Something Else Reviews website.

There are still a good batch of Super Deluxe Editions available, but they’re going pretty dang quick. That’s the signed numbered edition of 1000, which comes with the additional CD Live At Mama Kin in its own digipak. This is a burning Beer For Dolphins gig from 1998, and it also features superb audio quality.

If you’ve already gotten the new Sluggo! I am very grateful and I hope you’re enjoying the heck out of it. If you haven’t, treat yourself – I promise you’ll dig it. If you don’t, I’ll do one of these three things:

A. Watch the movie 1941 1,941 consecutive times
B. Let you hit me on the big toe with a spoon
C. Eat a bag of Fritos which has been underwater for a week

Speaking of underwater, I’ve been obsessed with the show Sea Hunt lately. It is absolutely fantastic. More about that, perhaps, in the next exciting installment of THE KENEALLIST!


Listen to “Sluggomatic,” A Brief Tour of Mike Keneally’s Sluggo!Order Sluggo! today at The Mike Keneally Store. You’ll get the stereo download NOW, and your multi-disc Sluggo! package will ship right away.

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1) Sluggo! Deluxe (1-CD/2-DVD package) $34


  • Same-day download of the 2013 Stereo Mix of Sluggo! in mp3 or FLAC
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  • DVD-A with PCM 16/48 Stereo, DTS 24/48 5.1 Digital Surround, MLP 24/96 Lossless Stereo & MLP 24/96 Lossless 5.1 Surround
  • DVD with over two hours of unreleased stereo live and studio video material, a commentary track by Mike, the original 1997 stereo mix, more bonus audio tracks, shots of the original tracking sheets and more
  • Digipak & 20-page booklet with all original artwork plus new liner notes

2) Sluggo! SuperDeluxe (2-CD/2-DVD package), $49
Signed, numbered edition of 1000

Contains all items in Sluggo! Deluxe above, PLUS:

  • Live At Mama Kin, a CD of Mike Keneally & Beer for Dolphins performing live in Boston on August 15, 1998 (newly mixed by Mike Keneally and Mike Harris)
  • Hand-numbered and signed by Mike Keneally

3) Sluggo! 2013 Stereo Mix download in mp3 or FLAC, $10

4) Sluggo! Original Stereo Mix download in mp3 or FLAC, $10

Order today at The Mike Keneally Store. You’ll get the stereo download NOW, and your multi-disc Sluggo! package will ship right away.

I will be signing at NAMM tomorrow

I think it’s time I gave back to the community, so I’ll be signing autographs for Dean Markley at the NAMM show in Anaheim, tomorrow afternoon (Saturday) at 1:00 – booth #5766.

It’s taking me a long time to come out of my holiday cocoon but I’m beginning to re-engage with the human race in 2014. I hope you’re all doing well and I’ll be posting here again more often. Please enjoy things!